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At our website you can find every information that will help you in contacting our company. Our main specializations are international and domestic freight, storage and logistics.

In our fleet of vehicles, the most modern Euro 5 and Euro 6 tandem and semi-trailer trucks are at our costumers’ disposal to serve maximum.

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Zsolt Kosztolányi
+36 (20) 989-10-91

György Kosztolányi
+36 (30) 259-05-63



About us

Our company has started in 2011 as a family business with freight transport only inland. We transported soft drinks and seeds in Hungary with only one 12 ton truck. Later, with the help of our acquaintances and our growing contacts, we purchased a full trailer combination.

Now we are resolving complete logistic and storage tasks, and we are transporting 1-25 tons in Europe and outside of the European Union as well.



Our services are based on international transport, storage and logistics. With tent trucks to 24 tons we take on express carriage (with 2 drivers). We take on delivery tours domestically and internationally as well, with 3,5t delivery vans, or trucks with large bed tandem units, or combination of vehicles with MEGA crane, or 12-18t single lorries.

12t and 18t trucks

3,5-ton gross vehicle weight tent truck (for express carriage)

Semi-trailer and large bed tandem trucks


Refrigerated transport